Bridging The Gap Between The Academia And Public Practice


There is a gap that exists between academic research and professional practice in the public finance and accounting sector. The two sections of the industry operates separate from one another. This is a challenge that may not only exist in South Africa but the African continent as a whole.

The CGA Research pillar seeks to bring together the works of the two industry players, i.e. academic researchers and professional practice in the public finance and accounting (PFA) sector, with the main aim of contributing together with other industry players in bringing long lasting solutions and bridging the gap that may exist between the two main players. This pillar also aim to address most of the challenges of the PFA sector that may exist in South Africa and the rest of other African countries. These challenges may include amongst others, corruption, fraud, less or no value for money paid by government for goods and services, proper field related qualifications and experience, etc.

The research pillar has as its objective, the increase and strengthening of research output in the PFA sector. Members are encouraged to publish at least one article every two years, encouraging more academic research in the PFA sector and encouraging publications from the new entrants of the PFA sector and other scholars.

The research output is currently very low in this sector compared to other disciplines. Government has introduced research sections or departments at National, Provincial, including Local levels. This means that the demand for research activities has multiplied in this field and thus it should be taken seriously. In responding to this demand CGA has therefore put research in midst of its members’ career. Members are now encouraged to publish academic articles and give presentations at conferences and provide research related solutions to challenges experienced by the sector and the country as a whole.