Bridging The Gap Between The Academia And Public Practice

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CGA(SA) is a professional designation targeted for individuals who possesses at least a Masters Degree in Public Finance and Accounting.

The CGASA Research Unit seeks to bring together the works of the two industry players, academic research and professional practice in the public finance and accounting sector, to bring long lasting solutions and bridging the gap between the two.

The Certified Government Accountants of South Africa is an organisation which allows foreign nationals who are in position of an accounting qualification to be part of the professional body.


This professional body is formed mainly with an objective to assist government in transforming the public finance and accounting (PFA) sector, promoting a culture of accountability and professionalism by certifying the current finance and accounting personnel who do not belong to any profession. Also provide the sector with the new work force that is professionally equipped with the critical knowledge, skills, and experience on a continuous basis. CGASA seeks to professionalise personnel not only at management level but at all levels of finance and accounting including the entry levels.

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Professional body also seeks to recognise the experience and prior learning of the finance and accounting personnel in government and certify them accordingly. It further seeks to keep database of all Public Finance and Accounting students and learners registered with accredited universities and provide them with the necessary support including arranging meetings with employers for work integrated learning purposes, bursaries, and future employment.

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There are six levels of accreditations envisaged. From Student Membership up to Level 6 Membership for anyone with relevant Masters Degrees.


Discover With Us

Academic researchers and professional practioners in the PFA sector, in bringing long lasting solutions and bridging the gap between the two.


Lets Share Our Values

Public Finance and Accounting (PFA) sector must be and be seen to be a professional and ethics driven environment.